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Thee Scandinavian Society for
Person-Oriented Research (SPOR)

The purpose of the Scandinavian Society for Person-Oriented Research (SPOR) is to promote person-oriented research in psychological science. “Person-oriented” refers to theoretical, methodological, and empirical research that is guided by a research paradigm in which the individual is seen as a functioning totality.

This paradigm implies that theories and findings should be interpretable at the individual level and that patterns of individuals’ characteristics are of key interest. Hence, a standard variable-oriented approach, with the variable as the basic conceptual and analytic unit, and analyzing data using group statistics (e.g. correlational analysis) falls normally outside the person-oriented research paradigm.

SPOR emphasizes the standard scientific criteria of objectivity and replicability of research findings.

The primary fields of activity for SPOR are

• To provide a forum and a clearinghouse for researchers engaged in person-oriented research

• To provide a publication outlet for person-oriented research by publishing the Journal for Person-Oriented Research

• To organize conferences and meetings that promote SPOR’s purpose

SPOR and the Journal for Person-Oriented Research (JPOR) are sponsored by the Lundh Research Foundation.


is open to anyone who is involved in doing person-oriented research (full membership) or who is interested in person-oriented research without actually being engaged in this kind of research (supportive membership).

Lars R. Bergman

Lars-Gunnar Lundh

Margit Wångby-Lundh

Daiva Daukantaité


SPOR was founded in December, 2013 Its board consists of the following members

Lars R. Bergman chairman,
Lars-Gunnar Lundh secretary,
Daiva Daukantaité
Margit Wångby-Lundh

SPOR and the Journal for Person-Oriented Research (JPOR) are sponsored by the Lundh Research Foundation.



The Vienna Conference in 2015

A conference on Person-Oriented Research was held on May 8-9, 2015 in Vienna. The purpose was to provide a unique forum for discussing and exchanging ideas and methodological discoveries in the field of person-oriented research. The conference program covered modules on Theory and Methods, Classification and Modeling, and Applied Person-Oriented Research and New Perspectives. The speakers were from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States of America. Papers from the conference were published in the Journal for Person-Oriented Research, 2016, Volume 2, Issue 1-2.

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